In Ride Along, Kevin Hart plays a high school security guard who is seeking to gain the approval of his girlfriend’s brother James, a well-respected Atlanta cop played by Ice Cube. Hart’s character, Ben, gets accepted to police academy and is determined to prove that he is worthy of James’s blessing. James invites Ben on a ride along through the tough parts of town and sets up different scenarios to set Ben up for failure and cause him to give up on wanting to be a cop. However, Ben figures out what James has been up to and tries to beat him at his own game by handling the newest situation, that he believed was a fake, as he saw fit, little does he know this situation is not a hoax, but is the real deal and it involves James latest case which ultimately brings the case to an end and James finally finds Ben worthy of his sisters hand.

The movie seems kind of cliché as a buddy-cop-ish movie that doesn’t really do Kevin Hart justice. As a standup comedian I believe he is very funny, but this film did not really do him any favors or give him a chance to really shine as an actor. While there are some funny scenes in the movie, it still is not a movie I would deem worthy of having someone like Kevin Hart play in. If you want a few laughs and are interested in performances by Hart and Ice Cube then Ride Along is a decent movie. Although Hart’s standup comedy skits proves that he is funny on his own and the movie was not worthy of his appearance. If you can get past the buddy-cop storyline set and are simply interested in seeing something funny with some friends or a date then I would recommend this film.

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