As the year comes to a close and a new year sets sail, most people follow the tradition of adopting a New Year’s resolution. Some decide to lose weight or attempt to save more money. Others even go as far as attempting to quit smoking, and still others continue to live in the exact same fashion as the year before. Most New Year’s resolutions are designed to make the individual a better person. The ultimate question is whether or not one can stick with their commitments. Upon returning for the new year and the new semester, the students at the University of West Alabama were asked: How are you doing on your New Year’s resolution commitments?

“I made one commitment and that was to make more money.”

-Corey Best, Sophomore, Environmental Science

“I made a promise to myself that I would make more use of my free time, and focus more on my studies. So far…so good.”

-Brandon Sermon, Senior, Integrated Marketing and Communications

“I made a few commitments to better my New Year. I decided to start back working out and attending church more. I’ve been doing well with keeping my promise that I made to myself.”

-Te’kara Church, Sophomore, Nursing

“I just try to strive higher than the year before. I believe that anything is possible when you truly apply yourself. I just live by that and try to be a better person as the year progresses. This resolution has worked perfectly for the past years.”

-Sha’Ecclesia Colvin, Junior, Math Education

“My New Year’s resolution was to get closer with God and have a more positive attitude. I am struggling to keep this commitment, but I am trying.”

-JacQuan Winters, Sophomore, Sociology

The New Year holds many opportunities along with many setbacks, but UWA students are eager to put their resolutions to the test. Hopefully everyone can continue to excel and strengthen their character in 2014.

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