Fort Tombecbe is opening it’s doors for students interested in archaeological excavation and artifact processing. In a partnership with the University of West Alabama Archaeological Field School, Fort Tombecbe is allowing students to gain four credit hours while exploring in history this summer.

Fort Tombecbe is the area that France, England, and Spain once tread upon for government operations and trade with the Choctaw Indians.

Those interested in embarking on an adventure at the colonial Fort Tombecbe site, circa 1736-1797, in west Alabama along the Tombigbee River, should visit to find an application as well as an informational flyer for this educational excavation.

Tuition for in-state students is $2,150; out-of-state students pay $3,262. Two qualified students will be granted a $500 scholarship to help offset tuition costs. Over the course of four weeks, students will particpate in evening talks and field trips. Students will also be exposed to the bakery and barracks of the French period.

Apply before April 14 for the May 18-June 14 excavation. For more information, contact Dr. Ashley Dumas at (205)-652-3830. AN 401 is available to any undergraduate student enrolled in an accredited university. UWA students must schedule an interview with Dr. Dumas while non-UWA students must submit one letter of recommendation to join the course.

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