Reconstruction on Speith Hall began earlier this year in January. The reconstruction was in the planning stage for 3-4 years. It was finally approved at a board meeting that took place in Dec. 2013. As stated by Dr. Mark Davis, Chair of Behavioral Sciences, the building will soon “provide academic space for the Division of Nursing and the Department of Behavioral Sciences.” Completion of the reconstruction can be expected as early as next December, with classes taking place in there for the spring semester of 2015.

The completion is expected to bring about several benefits. An increase of classroom space is a benefit that will be reaped by nearly all of the students attending the University of West Alabama, as many of the basic curriculum courses will be taught in Speith Hall. An increase in research potential and room to grow as a department are also benefits in store for the Department of Behavioral Sciences, a fairly new and rapidly growing department.

The reconstruction of Speith Hall marks the first that involves the Department of Behavioral Sciences. Dr. Kelly Pivik-Kelley, an instructor for the department, is excited about this opportunity. In an email quote, she says “I appreciate and look forward to the opportunity for new, updated spaces for our department. It will allow for much needed lab space for research and other departmental responsibilities.”

Dr. Pivik isn’t the only one excited for the long-awaited reconstruction. The entire department, which has, as Dr. Davis explains, “grown faster than our space can allow,” is looking forward to their new space. Dr. Davis speaks on behalf of the entire department when he says, “We are very excited about the potential move. The new space will allow us to provide more opportunities for our students.”

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