As a kid, and even as an adult, long car rides are something to be dreaded. Hours upon hours of nothing but trees and power lines roll by the window. Sure, a staticky radio station can provide some comfort, but it’s hard to focus on the music when your bottom is going numb. What could possibly make the long distance traveling experience any better? Punching people, of course. Ok, so maybe it isn’t the perfect solution, but who doesn’t enjoy a good ole’ game of “Punch Buggy” to help pass the time on a long car ride?

There is no official record of when the game of “Punch Buggy” was originated. However, most people believe that the game’s origin dates to the 1960s. Nevertheless, we cannot truly know because most accounts come strictly from unofficial sources and the personal accounts of players.

“Punch Buggy” makes a great car ride game because the rules are simple to understand and follow. Here are the rules, Pitt-family style.

1. Whenever you see a Volkswagen Beetle, you shout out, “Punch buggy (color of the beetle), no punch back!” For example, if you saw a yellow VW Beetle you would shout, “Punch buggy yellow, no punch back!”

2. You then punch the upper arm, and only the upper arm, of the person/people sitting next to you. No punches in the ribs, face, or lower body are allowed.

3. When you are the person receiving the punch, no whining or retaliation is allowed.

“I had never heard of the game until I was around 10 years old, and my younger cousin suddenly punched me. At first I was confused, but then he explained the game to me. From then on, I played it with my younger brothers on long car rides to help the time pass faster,” said junior Sam Benson.

“I like to play it because I’m pretty good at it. I really like to beat people to the punch. I don’t think it really passes the time, but it is fun to do in big cities where there are lots of cars. I have played the game for a long time, but I think originally heard about it from either a friend of a family member,” said Michelle Bale, senior.

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