When the football games are over and basketball season is coming to its end, The University of West Alabama still has a group of athletes working harder than ever. In fact, The West Alabama Cheerleaders have made it their motto this year to put in the hard work and not to rely on mere hopes and dreams to obtain their goal of winning nationals.

Head coach Jason Gardner said, “We are very excited about how this year’s squad has represented UWA this year. They have worked very hard since May, and even harder for Cheer LTD Nationals in Myrtle Beach.”

Putting together a team that works well can be a difficult task; however, the goal for the cheerleaders this year was to create a family. The excitement and thrill of the competition is just around the corner, and the cheerleaders have prepared an action-packed routine that is sure to entertain the crowd and judges.

Freshman cheerleader Caitlin Clardy said, “I cannot wait for competition because it will be my first time competing at the college level, and what better way to spend it than with every single person on this team.”

In a few short weeks all the effort, sweat, blood, and tears will be put to the test. The UWA Cheerleaders will travel to Myrtle Beach, S.C., and will be competing in one of the largest advanced Small Coed divisions on Mar. 15.

Terran Jimmersoin said, “I am so excited for competition because we have been working very hard. I am ready to represent the school well by winning.”

The cheerleaders are looking to continue their success of proudly representing the university. The Tigers are coached by Jason Gardner and assistant coach Libba McClendon.

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