This Thursday, Oct. 17, Livingston Press author and native Alabamian Charles McNair is proudly welcomed to the Callaway School House for a reading from his latest novel, “Pickett’s Charge.” The event will begin at 6:00 p.m., likely beginning with a few well-chosen words from liberal arts superstar Dr. Kendrick Prewitt. A book-signing will follow the lecture and reading.

McNair has quite a list of accomplishments to summarize. On top of having his freelance writing feature in publications all over the world, he serves major businesses and universities as a communications consultant and with his “Power of Storytelling” workshops. He is Paste Magazine’s Book Editor and has appeared on several radio shows and podcasts, but perhaps his greatest claim to fame—or at least the most conspicuous—is the nomination he received for a Pulitzer Prize in Literature for his first novel, “Land O’Goshen.”

“Pickett’s Charge,” his second novel, isn’t easy to wrap up. A customary web search for a synopsis promises vengeful civil war vets, aspiring country singers, time-machines, comedy and tragedy all wrapped up together in 300 pages. Given McNair’s remarkable career and enviable accolades, not to mention his connection to UWA, we here at muse are fiercely curious about how he interconnects these strange elements, how his story unfolds, and we can’t think of a single smart person in the world who wouldn’t crave the same answers.

Livingston Press is fortunate to have nabbed such a unique and talented author, but don’t think he’ll be easy to find after Thursday’s reading; his tour will continue to take him through North Caroline, Georgia and Louisianna, after which he will return to his current home in Atlanta.

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