On Tuesday, Mar. 4, at approximately 11:53 a.m., the UWA Board of Trustees sent the following email blast to all faculty and staff through UWA public relations. muse provides it here, unaltered, for your review.

UWA Faculty and Staff:
The information below pertains to two actions approved by the UWA Board of Trustees at the Monday, March 3, 2014 meeting. This information is being distributed to all UWA faculty and staff at the direction of the President of the Board of Trustees.

Mr. Jerry Smith made a motion that the Board of Trustees appoint John G. Blackwell as Special Administrator to serve during President Holland’s administrative leave, and he will have the authority to oversee the University day-to-day operations to ensure the University will operate without interruption during the time of President Holland’s leave of absence. Mr. Alex Saad seconded the motion.

Vote: Seven for the motion; Six abstained.

Motion from Trustee Randall Hillman:
Motion to appoint an independent investigator to investigate the allegations in Dr. Holland’s report and any other improprieties that might have occurred at the University as a result of any acts or actions by any member of the Board of Trustees or any employee of the University.

I move that the University of West Alabama’s Board of Trustees appoint an Independent Investigator to conduct an investigation of the allegations in Dr. Holland’s report and any other improprieties that might have occurred at the University as a result of any acts or actions by any member of the Board of Trustees or any employee of the University. Further, the Board attorney shall be directed to assist the Independent Investigator in the investigation in any way requested by the Independent Investigator.

The Independent Investigator and the Board attorney shall have discretionary authority to take any actions necessary to conduct a thorough investigation including, but not limited to: unrestricted access to employees, unrestricted access to University of West Alabama records and property, and the full cooperation of all employees and Board of Trustees members.

All employees are ordered to preserve all records, whether tangible, electronic, audio, cellular or digital. These records specifically include, but are not limited to the following:

· EMAIL: The contents of electronic communications (email) including attachments and stored files, for any and all email accounts used by or accessible by any employee from January 01, 2012 to March 03, 2014 including received messages, sent messages, deleted messages, and messages maintained in trash or other folders and including any relevant metadata, header information or system logs related to the transmission of said messages.

· CELL PHONE: Phone number, phone book (contacts), incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls, stored voice messages, graphic images or digital photograph images, operating logs, and anyand all electronic messages retained including text/SMS or other electronic format.

All employees are ordered to :

· ensure that all potentially relevant documents (including electronically stored information “ESI”) are not destroyed, lost, or relinquished to others, either intentionally, or inadvertently. This also includes any destruction, alteration, or modification of documents or ESI through the implementation or operation of a document retention/destruction policy;

· ensure that potentially relevant documents are not modified; and,

· ensure that potentially relevant documents remain accessible.

This includes, but is not limited to, the obligation to:

· Discontinue all data destruction and backup tape recycling policies;

· Preserve all relevant hardware unless a forensic copy (bit by bit mirror image replication) is made; and

· Maintain all other pertinent information and tools needed to access, review and reconstruct all potentially relevant electronic data, documents or ESI.


Employees must preserve all relevant documents and ESI including but not limited to:

· Word-processed or text files, including drafts and revisions;

· Spreadsheets, including all drafts and revisions;

· Databases;

· CAD (computer-aided design) files, including drafts and revisions;

· Presentation data or slide shows produced by presentation software (such as Microsoft power point);

· Data generated by calendaring, task management and personal information;

· Data created with the use of personal data assistants (PDAs) or Blackberrys;

· Data created with the use of document management software; and

· Data created with the use of paper and electronic mail logging and routing software.

The preservation requirement also extends to any and all hidden system files or metadata, presently located on or contained in a free standing computer or laptop or on any part of a server, CPU or digital device that may contain data storage capabilities including but not limited to hard disk drives, optical disk drives, removable media, such as floppy disk drives, CD-ROM and DVD drives, Zip drives, Jaz drives, Maxtor drives or snap drives, data processing cards, computer magnetic tapes, backup tapes, drum and disk storage devices or any other similar electronic storage media or system of whatever name or description.

Employees have the obligation to preserve all electronic processing systems, even if they are replaced. This obligation includes computer servers, stand-alone personal computers, hard drives, laptops, PDAs and other electronic processing devices.

This preservation obligation is to protect the status quo and the integrity of the investigation. Any employee who interferes or fails to cooperate with the investigation, or with the Independent Investigator and/or the Board attorney in their efforts to conduct this investigation, will be subject to disciplinary action.

Upon completion of the investigation, to the satisfaction of the Independent Investigator, he shall be required to report any and all findings to the Board of Trustees. Based on the findings, he or she shall have the authority to recommend to the Board of Trustees any course of action he or she believes to be in the best interests of the University of West Alabama.

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