Almost everything about “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” can be summarized as “average.” A predictable action movie that only manages to impress in two ways, the fight scenes and how Tom Cruise looks so young at the age of 54.

The almost two hour movie follows the titular Jack Reacher as he tries to uncover and bring down a massive conspiracy while being assisted by a major in the military police and a teenage girl.

Because Jack spoke with the major a few times on the phone, he instantly comes to her rescue when the conspiracy at work tries to have her killed for investigating it.

If only a few phone calls was really all it took to make people willing to risk their lives for you.

As the duo begins their investigation, they pick up a teenage girl Reacher after there was an attempt to assassinate her after the villains believe her to be his daughter.

While the movie has action sequences that are hard to remember an hour or so after watching, the hand-to-hand fights are satisfying as many bones are broken through out the course of the film.

One of the main problems of the movie are the characters. Lacking in depth, most characters can easily be summed up in a couple of words and rarely deliver much in the way of interesting lines.

The most interesting character is the main antagonist, an unnamed man that hunts Reacher constantly through out the movie.

An ex-military man unable to go back to normal life after starting to relish in hurting people, he seeks to hurt Reacher in any way he can to the point of explicitly targeting his daughter in hopes of causing deep, emotional harm to Reacher.

Overall, the movie doesn’t do much to impress and be remembered. It might engage well enough during its fight scenes, but everything else will leave you disappointed.

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