JFK Airport blunder causes security scare

National security has never been higher in the United States than it is today. Recently, however, the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York experienced a lapse in security when what should have been a routine stop turned into a problem for both passengers and airport officials.

A Delta flight from London ended up at the wrong terminal near a baggage claim, making it easy for passengers to bypass any immigration checks and simply leave the airport with no questions asked.

Delta Airlines recognized its mistake and talked to reporters at CBS. Delta is working with the Port Authority as well as customs and border protection services in order to determine what and how the slip up happened.

It appears to be a misunderstanding, but one that could have an impact on national safety.

Prisoners released at alarming rate

California seems to want to set a record.

Since Gov. Jerry Brown took office in California, over 1,400 life-sentenced inmates have been released. This number is becoming alarming to many, and not only those in the state of California. With so many released inmates comes an increased risk of reoffenders, which should be worrisome to the rest of the U.S. More than 80 percent of the released are murderers.

California is one of only four states that gives the governor the final say on prison releases, sparking the debate: is this rule appropriate or effective?

“This is playing Russian roulette with public safety,” said Christine Ward, executive director of the Crime Victims Action Alliance.

Public safety seems to be a common concern in the United States in recent weeks.

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