Ryan Uhre’s mystery brings in more questions than answer

Superbowl Sunday is always an event where people get together for food, drinks and a good time. This past Superbowl Sunday, Feb. 2, created more questions than answers for a Florida State graduate student Ryan Uhre.
Every parent’s nightmare is not knowing where their child is. Uhre went missing from a sports bar in Tallahassee and had no contact with anyone for days.
A massive manhunt was in order from the panhandle all the way to his hometown of Fort Lauderdale for any information. Tips came few and far between to Tallahassee police and to the Uhre family.
Family and friends created many social media sites to get people aware of this situation and of its details. News of Uhre’s disappearance reached from Florida to N.Y.
On Feb. 19, Uhre’s body was found by the Tallahassee Police Department in an abandoned warehouse. Police have given little information about the case and the condition of Uhre’s body.
With the preliminary autopsy report, Uhre’s death was classified as an accidental fall even though the building he was found does not have a second story. Many questions are now circulating this case, not only about what has happened to Uhre, but why certain information was not revealed.
The homosexual community in Tallahassee is speaking out to the media and the world about the Uhre case. Uhre was a young homosexual man that only close friends and family knew about.
The Tallahassee homosexual community spoke out on the issue of not revealing this information. One detail of the case leaked out, stating Uhre was on a social media app called Grynder an hour after leaving the sports bar. Grynder is a social app where men can meet with locals and connect with each other for personal or friendly relationships.
With this information, police could have questions for whomever he was speaking to. It is understandable that the media and police did not release this information, but it could have helped with finding Uhre before his death.
It is a tragedy what has happened to Uhre and the Uhre family. Hopefully, more questions will be answered and the Uhre family can be at peace.

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