“Build Me Up From Bones,” a new album by Sarah Jarosz, is quite a delightful selection to listen to. Offering a unique twist on modern folk music, each song tells a story that captivates the creative spirit. Sarah Jarosz displays her incredible artistry in this album. Each piece is unique from the next. This album is very smooth and easy to listen to. The instrumentals in each piece are an incredible work of art. The violin, cello and guitar offer a unique sound that intrigue the listener to listen more closely and intensely. Sarah Jarosz has an amazing voice that is smooth and relaxing to listen to.

The title song “Build Me Up From Bones” is an expression of passion and love between two individuals. One individual is expressing their compassion and dedication to the other. The musical and lyrical expression is of sacrifice and desire of the two lovers. One lover is exclaiming to the other the sacrifices they have made for them, and also what they desire from their lover. It is a beautiful love story that many individuals can relate to.This artist definitely thinks outside the box when it comes to her lyrics. Her lyrics are very intriguing, imaginative, colorful, and full of life. For those who love the folk genre, or for those who are looking for something, not typically found on the popular radio stations, this artist would be a good choice to listen to.

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