Muse was recently awarded second place in the American Scholar Press Association Competition. This is the newspaper’s highest ranking since 2012. The category consisted of schools with a 2500+ enrollment. Judges ranked muse’s submission’s by creativity, editing, content coverage and overall planning. Muse is a mixture of voluntary writers and students enrolled in the JN219 course. Muse writers cover sports, reviews, campus stories and features.

Adviser Greg Jones is highly pleased with muse’s accomplishments. “Recently, our online newspaper placed ninth overall at SEJC and for our print issue placing second in the ASPA competition shows our school’s newspaper is on the right track.”

Recently hired story-editor Michaela Perry was excited to hear the accomplishment. “Knowing how hard the staff and writers work, makes the success even better. Seeing our hard work payoff is a great feeling. Hopefully we can continue printing good content for our school’s enjoyment.”

Ending the semester with such success, gives the muse staff motivation to perform even better for the 2014 fall semester. Muse is eager to see what’s in store for the paper and the future possibilities that lie ahead.

Have an interest in writing for your school newspaper? Voluntary writers are always welcomed. More information can be found in room 108 of Wallace hall.

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