Lone Survivor……..Is it the military movie of the decade?

If anyone has watched “Saving Private Ryan,” “We Were Soldiers,” “Black Hawk Down” or “Hurt Locker” they know the intense feelings these military movies brought to them in their seats.  “Lone Survivor” can be added to this mix of great military movies.

The movie is based on the true story and book of the Navy Seals Operation Redwing.  The setting takes place in Afghanistan of 2005.

Marcus Luttrell along with three other Navy Seals are on a mission to scope out, capture or kill Al Qaeda leader Amahd  Shahd.  Many movie viewers will recognize the main characters.

Luttrell is played by Mark Wahlberg, who has starred in “The Departed” and “The Fighter.”  Lt. Michael Murphy is played by Taylor Kitch who starred in the hit television show “Friday Night Lights.”  Danny Dietz was played by Emile Hirsch who has also starred in “The Girl Next Door.” The last main character is ‘Axe’ Axelson and he is played by Ben Foster who starred in “Invincible” and “The Mechanic.”

The movie starts off by showing the comrade of the men together and how they achieved to be Navy Seals.  Actual footage of military men is shown fighting the difficult obstacles thrown at them to become Navy Seals.

In my opinion the beginning of the movie can be slow to those who do not understand military terms and regulations, but don’t worry the movie picks up and rather quickly.  The men are debriefed on their mission.

The four men will go in to scout and make sure the Al Qaeda leader is there.

The Seals are set up in a mountain range with lots of trees and rocks.  They spot the leader and sit back ready for their next check point.  All of sudden goat herders mistakenly find their way.

The team has to decide to either let the three go and risk having Al Qaeda on their toes or kill them.  This is the climax of the movie, where any viewer knows something will happen.

This film is action pack that makes your heart race and your eyes tear up.  Movie goers feel exactly what the four men felt, fear.  The firefight is so intense viewers will be dreaming of it at the end of the day.

Director Peter Berg made this film about action, drama, and brotherhood.  “Lone Survivor” should be on the top of the list for must sees of the year.

“While Lone Survivor is presented as a piece of hero-focused entertainment,” said Mike Scott writer for the New Orleans Times. “It is a suitably sobering one in the end and a film that is bound to stick to the ribs of audiences longer than your average Superman movie.”


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