Alright movie-goers and fanboys, have I got something for you. It’s time to look back on amazing movie that is Kick-Ass 2, the sequel to the controversial, insane and colorful original.

This sequel tried its hardest to step up to the plate and give the audience a taste of what the first movie offered. Here at the University Cinema, the film hit a home run. The entire audience cringed at the violent parts, laughed at the humor, and even wept a bit during the depressing parts. Overall the movie was a hit with the crowd and brought many people out for its opening night in Livingston.

The new cast that starred alongside the hero Kick-Ass and Hitgirl brought comic relief and a whole new story to the table. Kick-Ass is forced to find a team to fight alongside him to combat evil and bring Justice to the city of New York. He finds all of the people that his previous efforts inspired to become super heroes, and they form a team. However, while Kick-Ass tries to bring justice, an evil-doer named “The Motherf***er” is trying his best to bring the city to its knees.

In the first film, Kick-Ass was forced to blow away the MF’s father with a Bazooka. This caused the MF to build an obsessive hatred for Kick-Ass and to destroy everything that Kick-Ass cares for. The main conflict happens when the MF succeeds at this goal and Kick-Ass is forced to fight to save the city from the first super villain.

Overall I feel like Kick-Ass 2 did its job as a movie, but it was not the greatest of sequels. Let’s just say this: at some points the film was completely over the top and went places it shouldn’t have. It drug Kick-Ass, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, through the dirt metaphorically and physically at numerous points in the plot. Kick-Ass is forced to relearn the ways of the superhero because he was forced into retirement after the first film. He was reduced to almost a sidekick in this film and, with big names like Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars and Stripes, Johnson couldn’t seem to catch up. Lucky for him, there was a star that was basically Batman to his Robin.

The story seemed to revolve around Hit Girl, played by Chloë Grace Moretz, for the first half of the film. The audience is thrown into her life after her father was killed in the first film. She trains Kick-Ass to be a true superhero at the start of the film, but Hit Girl is forced to abandon her life as a super hero. She has to live as high school freshman student Mindy Macready to meet her late father’s wishes. Her school life was truly terrible because she could not fit in due to the life her father forced her into. From an early age, she was trained to be a super hero. Because of this, she was made a fool of and tricked by the popular crowd. Seeing her struggles truly brought the movie to its climax and made the audience empathize with her universal hardships of high school. In the end she is forced to return to the life of a superhero and fight along with Kick-Ass and his team to save the city.

I honestly believe that everyone that can watch this movie should. It has enough epic gun fights, skilled hand-to-hand combat and emotional moments to quench any person’s thirst for a great film. At the end of the day this film gets a score of 4 out of 5 from me. I fully recommend Kick-Ass 2 to movie-goers mainly because it is truly kick ass.

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