For Zach Mosley, running has been his passion since he was a freshman at Dadeville High. He participated in the Dadeville’s High band, cross country and track all four years of high school. This is his second year as a runner for West Alabama and Mosley now holds UWA’s 5k record after breaking the previous record held by Armando Fierro (15:34).

“I love this team” said Mosley “When I was on my recruiting trip, I instantly knew this was the group of guys I wanted to run with.”

He trains five days a week with his team, and on the days when there’s no practice, Mosley can be found in the gym doing cross fit training. By the end of each week, his mile count rounds out to be sixty miles. His dedication is fueled by his desire to see UWA to win a GSC title.

“I think about how bad I want our team to win. If I’m not getting better, I’m not helping our team.”

The University of West Alabama has recently hired a new cross country coach, Ray Stanfield.

“Coach Stanfield is great.” Mosley mentioned. “Our team is in great shape and we improve each week. His training is pushing our fitness higher than ever. That’s why they call him the run master.”

Mosley’s previous 5k record was 16:13 and the University’s previous 5k record was 15:34. After shaving 44 seconds off of his previous record, he finished his race at Birmingham Southern with a 15:29.13 time.

When asked what’s next, Mosely answer was simple. “Set a new record.”

With this success so early in the season, there is plenty of time for Mosley to set a new PR in the 5k race.

Although he ran the race on his own, the success he holds today couldn’t have happened without his teammates.

“Coy Graham and Stedmon Kugler were practically the two people who convinced me to come to UWA. Our seniors, Warren Enriquez, Branden Nelson and Josh Griffin, have really motivated me to get better every day. Josh Graham has been a great roommate, friend and teammate, since I’ve met him. This team has really accepted me and I know this is where I belong.”

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