A movie with a darkly entertaining style befitting the director Tim Burton, “Miss Peregrine” does well to impress with its visuals, though the story aspects can leave one feeling a bit wanting.

But hey, at least there is a skeleton army fighting invisible tentacle monsters in it.

The movie follows Jacob “Jake” Portman as his close relationship with his grandfather, and the stories he told him as a child, pulls him into an entirely different side of the world he had no idea existed.

After his grandfather is killed by a creature nobody else can see, Jake started looking for answers and closure about the whole thing.

This would lead him to Wales, where he would discover the titular childrens home and be brought into the world of “peculiars,” people special powers and traits that separate them from normal people.

The film, overall, is what one might expect from Tim Burton with its dark and often unsettling style. Even when there are no antagonistic monsters in sight, the film makes one feel a bit uneasy while also eliciting laughter at the same time.

Perhaps the biggest thing to note are the film’s visuals. Burton makes excellent use of lighting, using it to make peaceful or happy moments bright and cheerful, while also making tense or even scary times dark and unsettling.

Then there are the Hollows, invisible creatures which only Jake and his grandfather are capable of seeing. These creatures are properly spooky, looking like horrible, gross abominations straight out of a psychological horror series.

However, while style is movie’s strongest point, substance can be lacking. A lot of the characters lack much in the way of depth.

Most of the characters don’t have any sort of goals, finding themselves without much in the way of personality to them outside of a single trait, such as liking clothes or not doing anything at all.

Even with this, though, the movie manages to entertain well enough with its wonderful style and strangeness. However, you might end up realizing how forgettable some characters are as you struggle to even remember the names and traits of some characters.

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