Why do people use meal prep? Coach Nick Olmetti, the new strength coach at The University of West Alabama believes, “People use meal preps to track their macros and micros, and it plays a big role in helping with weight loss.”

Keeping track of the amount of carbs and fats you intake every week often show major results along side of getting in the gym and working out. Planning your meals is a process and it requires making homemade meals for the given time that you are planning to eat clean.

  1. It helps plan your week or month

When looking ahead of the week, we don’t usually spend time focusing on meals that we are going to eat. Instead, people decide to eat something last minute. Preparing weekly meals ahead of time helps with organization, and more importantly, it helps to eliminate over-eating.

2. Preparation

When preparing a meal for the week, numbers play a big role in deciding what kind of food goes in each meal. Macros, or carbohydrates, have large numbers that should be focused on when deciding what to eat. Most people try to intake at least 350 grams of carbohydrates in their meals. Also, those looking to stay healthy should incorporate healthy fats into those meals.

3. Food

Protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats are three main categories that are focused on when preparing meals. For protein, grilled chicken breast, turkey meat and turkey breast are go-to options. For carbs, brown rice, wheat tortillas and quinoa are healthy options to substitute for white breads. Lastly, healthy fats include almond butter, peanut butter and walnuts. If you really want to boost your meal up and add some color, vegetables such as greens, broccoli and celery are great to help maintain a nice fit body.

4. Keep Organized

To stay organized with your meals, it often helps to buy plastic containers for each day of the week. Having different colors also help. After your meals are prepared, you can have each day already planned based on the color of the container.

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