They’re all over Facebook, whether by status, video or photographs. You scream in excitement and can’t wait to congratulate them in person. When you do see them, the first thing you ask to see is the ring. That’s right, love is in the air.

Through mutual friends, Melisa La Fond and Joshua Reid met for the first time five years ago in the old Speath parking lot, which is now Gilbert Hall. A year ago, the two became a couple, and, as of a few weeks ago, have recently become engaged. Reid is a member of the Meridian and Livingston fire department and cleverly used that to his advantage. The Livingston fire department made their way to the Gilbert parking area, as a friend walked La Fond to the front of Gilbert. When the truck pulled up, Reid got down from the truck in full gear, kissed La Fond and made his way to the other side of the fire truck. As La Fond’s friend distracted her, Reid quickly changed clothes, climbed through the cab of the truck and immediately took his place on one knee, popping the question.

“I am so excited I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!” –Melissa La Fond

The two have set a tentative date of May 30, 2015 to tie the knot.

Savannah Reach and Justin Sanderson

With their mutual interest in band to thank, Reach and Sanderson have decided forever is with each other. They started dating in September of 2012 and Sanderson purposed over a year and half later. On the weekend of Valentine ’s Day, Sanderson carried Reach out to the nature trails. A little ways through the trail, Reach was blindfolded and guided to the Gazebo. Once the blindfold was removed, a few of Sanderson’s TKE brothers stood in front of Reach with signs that read “Will you marry me?” Behind Reach was Sanderson on his knee, ring in hand, waiting for her response.

“I feel so lucky to be able to marry my best friend. I was so happy, nervous and amazed. I was glad that he used his brother because they are such an important part of our life together.”-Savannah Reach

The couple plans to get married in the fall of 2016. They are both eager, but they know waiting till they’ve both finished college is the best decision.

Ashleigh Winters and Nick Taggart

As she was the hyper little energizer bunny, he first saw her doing cart wheels on the circle path of Speith Hall. As she fell to the ground he lit his cigarette, along with his friend. The two of them never thought they’d be where they are today.After a year and nine months later, Taggart asked Winters to find her way to the nature trails, as Tierra Robinson and Hayley Taylor were ready to capture the memorable moment. After reading love notes taped to different posts slog the trail, Winters found herself standing in the field with Taggart in her distance. He was standing in the gazebo as pictures of the two of them hung down around him. Taggart took his place down on one knee and asked the question Winters had been waiting to hear all along.

“I didnt even notice the ring” Ashleigh said. “I just looked at him and said yes. I was excited and happy and emotional and nervous. after he asked me. I told him its about time.”

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