Family, friends, UWA students and athletes attended Libby Hankins memorial service on April 6 hosted by Phi Mu Fraternity.

Before the memorial started, Libby’s family gathered in a circle and prayed around the spot she used to cheer in.

Hankins passed away due to complications from her double lung transplant. At the memorial, many people described her as a fighter.

“She never let CF get her down, she was little, but loud,” said her best friend, Sheridan Galyon.

“When I hugged her, this hug was different it was strong, her inner strength matched her physical strength,” added her advisor, Dr. Jodie Winship.

The cheerleading team presented her cheer uniform to her parents as well as the softball team presented her parents with a signed jersey.

UWA Sigma Pi and Phi Mu Fraternity have started a campaign to get individuals to become organ donors if they are not already one. Their goal is to have 500 new organ donors by the end of their campaign, and as of Thursday night. they are half way there.

“Libby was one of my heroes, and now Will, you are one too,” said Libby’s mom, Susan Estes. Estes is grateful for what Will Tittle is doing for Libby through the organ donation campaign, and to show her appreciation, she gave Will Libby’s Donate Life shirt.

The Facebook page Lungs for Libby is still the way to keep up with the different fundraisers Libby’s family are planning to do to honor her.

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