Livingston Early Alumni Development (LEAD) is a student -run organization focused on helping University of West Alabama juniors and seniors become successful alumni. The organization is new to most students, but they are still growing.

The idea of LEAD is based around networking and helping its members find jobs. More specifically, it gives their members the opportunity to develop job-oriented skills such as planning, understanding leadership positions, and focusing on team work. LEAD invites speakers to campus once a month to discuss things that would be beneficial to UWA students in their future careers.

LEAD’s first event was held on Feb.2nd, 2017. Aimee Baxter, an agent from the recruitment firm called ITAC Solutions, spoke on branding oneself, making resumes, interviewing and the effects social media can have when being hired. Ater Baxter spoke, she offered to review the resumes of members who were seeking jobs.

Originally, LEAD was a club that specifically focused on students meeting alumni. Overall, LEAD is a reconstructed organization that has been brought back to campus to make it a “more involved club that would benefit its members in any way to see fit,”according to Will Tittle, the president of LEAD .

For more information about LEAD, one can contact Will Tittle at

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