The Pursuit of Gold

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games are currently in full swing across the ocean in Sochi, Russia. It is a time for countries to display their national pride in the form of athletics.

With the Olympics displaying sports that may not be considered “major in the United States, it is a way for countries to display some of their best talents and people for the world to see. As important as showcasing and pride is, it comes down to winning.

The medal count is now starting to heat up with several countries vying to take home the honors of being the most successful nation at the Olympic games. Currently the top nation has 13 medals and six different nations are in double digits. Norway led with 13, followed by the United States also with 13. The Netherlands and host Russia have 12 and rounding out the top five is Germany with 10. Canada also has 10 and is tied for 5th.
The Olympics are a big sports moment seen around the world and viewed by many. It would be a great honor to win the medal count. There is still a long way to go and it is anyone’s game.

Marriage Advice

Pope Francis was up to playing cupid this Valentine’s day. The Pope gave a speech in front of thousands of young engaged couples who were listening on how to make their relationships last right before the day of love. Whether they take his advice is up to them.

It was a special day for the people in attendance of this event. Not only did they get to hear the Pope’s give a speech but it was on his thoughts on how to succeed in marriage and relationships, something that trouble most people. Three lucky crowd couples were allowed to ask questions directly to the Pope. He went on to answer the question amidst the 25, 000 people who were in attendance on the day.

He made it clear that you should not be afraid to marry even though nothing seems to last long anymore. It is important that people commit to each other and work on their relationships. Also, do not go to bed angry. This will not help any situation. It appeared to be a great experience for all involved.

What better place to hold a speech on love than under the sunset at a packed St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City?

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