The season has changed and fall is finally here. Fall weather in the deep south starts off inconsistently, going from chilly to warm to cold again. If you are not sure how to dress this fall, the tips below will assist you.

1. Layers
First, layer your clothes one piece at a time. Three or four lightweight T-shirts, tanks, or sweaters will allow you to appear and feel warm. Layers also allow you to have the option of removing a piece or two when the afternoon heat comes around. The temperature in early fall changes so often that layers are a simple way to keep up with the drop and rise of temperature.

2. Leather
Second, leather jackets are warm, edgy, and exciting to wear. Wear your leather jacket with a soft lace top, jeans, and boots to match. Even if the weather takes a turn on you, the jacket can be removed and your outfit will be full of fall fashion. If you don’t own a leather jacket, purchase one! This will be one clothing item you can use for the rest of the year and the beginning of next year.

3. Jeans
Soon you will not need shorts and capris. The cold weather will force you to bring back your long jeans. They are warm, stylish, and perfect for the fall. They match absolutely every top, jacket, and shoe. You can never go wrong with your long jeans.

4. Boots
Of course, having boots in the fall and winter seasons is a given. You need at least one pair. Whether you own ankle boots, thigh high boots, or Uggs, the fall is the perfect time to pull them out of the closet or to buy a new pair. Also, your feet will be warm.

5. Natural Earth Tone Colors
Every season has colors that work hand in hand with the weather. For the fall season, earth tone colors are the best choice. Browns, beiges, blues, greens, reds and oranges look great on everyone, and they are simple to mix and match.

Layering clothes that wouldn’t normally be put together is one of the best tricks to dressing for fall. Remember to wear your long jeans with your boots and leather jacket. Wear all fall pieces in one outfit, and you can’t go wrong.

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