The College of Liberal Arts, the Department of History and Social Sciences and the Department of Behavior Sciences will be holding numerous events this semester in remembrance of the Holocaust. To kick off these events, Dr. Richard Schellhammer will give the first lecture, “The Holocaust: Historical Overview” on the January 28, 6-7 pm at the Bell Conference Center. For dates and times of the other events that will be held this semester, visit the UWA events homepage. The Holocaust was a mass genocide in Germany that lasted from 1940 to 1945 that resulted in the murdering of six million Jews, and other non-Aryan races (such as Gypsies and homosexuals). This horrific event was lead by the Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler. He was the most influential voice in the organization. The murdering of Jews was a part of Hitler’s Final Solution. This plan included the extermination of the Jewish community in German-occupied Europe. The Jewish people were forced from their homes, and placed in ghettos, a tightly packed area within a city to keep jews confined and segregated. The living conditions in the ghettos were often horrible. Situations varied from no proper sanitation, crowded living conditions, and starvation. However, what came after the ghettos was much worse. Jewish people were jammed pack in train cars meant to transport animals to the brim. The cars were so crowded that one could barely turn around in them. Then the trains would take them to the concentration camps. The most well known of the Nazi

Concentration camps is Auschwitz-Bikenau, where over one million Jews were killed. Once upon arrival at the camps, the passengers were ordered to get in a straight line, and they would be separated to the left or shelf life of viagra right. If they were to go the they left, they would be forced to work in the camps. However if the were grouped to the right, they were quickly put to death. The fear of living in the concentration camps is that jews were uncertain of when their lives would be ending. On December 7, 1941, a Japanese air fleet dropped bombs on Pearl Habor, Hawaii. This was the event that got the U.S. involved in World War II. Four years later the Holocaust was over with the liberation of the concentration camps, and the surrendering of Nazi, Germany. However, just because this horrific event is over does not mean we can forget about it. The University of West Alabama will be showing movies, giving lectures, holding an art exhibit, and also a teachers workshop for students/faculty to learn more about the Holocaust. Dr. Schellhammer, a professor at the university in European and East Asian History helped create this event. He as well as an alumnus from the university, Dr. Dan Puckett a professor of History at Troy University Montgomery, saw the “Darkness into Life” art exhibit and made a suggestion to bring

it to the University. Schellhammer was also contacted by the Birmingham Education Center to hold the “Echoes & Reflections” workshop on campus. “The workshop will cover teaching the Holocaust, as well as using the Holocaust to talk about more general terms such as prejudice, bigotry, and sexism” said Schellhammer. “Darkness into Life” is the art exhibit that will be taking place on campus in the Webb Hall Gallery from February 10 to March 7. The art exhibit will showcase photography by Becky Seitel, and art from Mitzi J. Levin. Seitel and Levin spent hours visiting each survivor and listening to their stories. The survivors began with their memories of life before occupation and imprisonment. Both artist provide an intimate glimpses behind the survivors of the Holocaust. “Through the stories of these Alabama Holocaust survivors, we hope to impart this history, as well as a richer understanding of its impact on these individuals and their families, to a larger audience. View their pictures. Read their stories. Allow this exhibition to move you,” Becky Seitel and Mitzi J. Levin, said in a prepared press coupons for cialis release. Schellhammer believes it is

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important for students to learn about the holocaust because as the survivors and liberators die out, we as historians have an obligation to remember the past as well as learn from it. “We can

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learn from the past, and try to avoid them from happening again,” he said. Dr. Schellhammer

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encourages all students, faculty, and community members to attend the events to learn about the Holocaust. “We as people are

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visual learners. Ever since the beginning of time since seeing the drawing on walls by the Neanderthals. By seeing something it makes it a lot more real to us” said Schellhammer. “Coming to college is order viagra from canada a chance for students to learn new things. The University offers numerous events to broaden students horizon. There is always something going on here. Just go to the homepage, and look at the events calendar. Take advantage of these events before you regret not attending them. The reason we come viagra pills online to school is not for a job, it is to learn.”

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