Livingston, Ala. — At the age of 24, William Nevin had no care in the world driving with his friends cross country. Three days worth of driving would bring the car full of friends from Tuscaloosa, Ala. to California for the BCS National Championship game; however, two days into the journey, Nevin began to have heart attack pains.

The pains caused Nevin and friends to make a delay in Austin, Texas, where the doctor gave the ok for the trip to continue. Nevin said, “The pains turned out to be nothing, so we were back on the road and ended up at a great game.”

Once back in Alabama, Nevin’s entire lifestyle changed. While the pains were nothing, it was only a matter of time before Nevin suffered an actual heart attack. Nevin took it to heart and in 11 months he dropped 175lbs.

“Be committed to your diet. Stick to it. Never let anyone or yourself discourage you while you’re in progress. These results don’t happen overnight,” Nevin said. Upon hearing about the rumors of a Subway diet, Nevin laughed, putting the rumor to rest. It took hard work and determination to get the body he has now, though he admits to eating a healthy amount of Subway.

Since the weight loss journey, Nevin has been tackling other goals in his life, such as earning a bachelor’s, master’s, and recently his doctorate from the University of Alabama in the Summer of 2014. He claims to officially be done with school as he continues his career at the University of West Alabama.

Nevin has a law degree with an interest in the First Amendment and Media Law. Coinciding with his interests, throughout the school year he teaches classes, such as Public Speaking, Advanced Media Writing, and Media Ethics and Law. Students can look to see a new class in the spring that focuses on the tools, practices, and theories that make up social media.

“Well, I write and do research for Media Law journals in my spare time. Next year I will have an article published for a law journal I am currently working on, and a piece for”

Both he and his wife have found a mutual love of law, as Kate Nevin, married for two years in February, is a law student at Cumberlin in Birmingham. In fact, Kate plans to practice law upon graduation. The two have no children as of yet, but have a happy home filled with four cats. The pets keep the two quite busy. “You could say they are my wife’s children,” Nevin said.

Nevin spends hours in his car, driving back and forth from Tuscaloosa to Livingston as he teaches classes at both universities. To gear his mind toward classes, Nevin likes to jam to Tinie Tempah, Miley Cyrus, Cage the Elephant, and The Lonely Island. He admits to listening to the Top 40 when not using his iPhone as a music source.

The professor is a down-to-Earth guy. In his office, a figurine of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle character Donatello sits beside his computer screen. “Truth be told, it was a process of elimination. Michelangelo was too messy. Raphael was too mean. Leonardo was a strong leader, but Donatello will always be the best.” He added that he hasn’t been able to go watch the new movie yet, but when his schedule allows leisure time, the movie is definitely on his must-watch list.

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