Shonda Rhimes brought her viewers a show that will cause laughter, crying, anger and confusion all in one episode.
Debuting in 2005, “Grey’s Anatomy” hooked America’s heart with the crazy competitive friendships between the interns and residents, steamy hook-ups and life-changing patients.

A TV show is not a success without drama, sex and life-threatening situations that keep the audience on the edge of their seat. The entire cast brought these addicting aspects from the first episode. “Grey’s Anatomy” kicks the show off with a morning after a one night stand between Meredith Grey and Derek Sheppard after a long night of drowning their worries at the local hospital bar.

The first day of being an intern at Seattle Grace Memorial Hospital became very awkward for Meredith when she realized the unforgettable guy from the night before was The Derek Sheppard, Chief of Neurosurgery, who turns out to be the boss.

The steamy on-camera hookups were not just for Meredith and Derek. The entire cast thrived on “meetings” in the on call rooms. Sex and trauma are the drug of choice. No matter how many nonstop hours were worked, nothing got the adrenaline pumping like quick hook-ups and scrubbing in on life threatening surgeries.

Viewers watch a secret love form between Meredith and Derek. A twist happens when Dr. Addison Montgomery Sheppard, Derek’s wife, walks into the hospital. Meredith’s life as she knew it was crushed after coming to the realization that her perfect relationship with her perfect boyfriend was all a lie. Derick left his previous city moving to Seattle after catching Addison in bed with his childhood best friend, Mark Sloan.

The viewers learned the marriage is already over just not legally. Once the divorce was finalized, Meredith and Derek “got married” in the doctor’s lounge as they wrote their vows on a Post-It note. After witnessing death every day in their profession, Derek and Meredith knew marriage could not wait any longer after realizing they were soul mates.

“What do you want to promise each other,” said Derek.

“That you’ll love me even when you hate me,” said Meredith.

“No running, no one walks out,” said Derek.

“That we’ll love each other even when we’re old, senile and smelly,” said Meredith.

“This is forever,” said Derek.

Months later they legally get married at the courthouse when they wish to adopt Zola, a child from Africa who was one of Derek’s patients at the hospital. Soon after the couple was granted temporary custody of Zola, Derek found out Meredith tampered with his Alzheimer trial. This caused the couple to separate, leading to an extremely difficult adoption process since these circumstances are not ideal for a potential adoption family. They went back to the Post- It note vows and worked through the differences.

Zola was a finally a Sheppard and potentially saving their marriage.

Just when their lives were “perfect” with the big dream house with a view overlooking the city and two healthy kids, Derek accepted an once in a lifetime offer to run a brain mapping project for The President of The United States. This job caused him to make the big move from Seattle, Washington to Washington D.C. Meredith and Derek fought for weeks on whether he should stay in Seattle with his family or run from the fighting. The distance drove the two apart, resulting in Meredith making the choice for him to go.

After several months of limited talking due to their different schedules and him missing his wife and kids, Derek decided the dream job would have to wait. He needed to be back in Seattle because his vows to her said no running.

On the way to the airport for his last trip to Washington D. C., Derek drove upon a wreck. The Derek Sheppard could not drive past a trauma, so he saved all four of the crash victims lives. As he was leaving the scene, his SUV was struck by an 18- wheeler causing it to flip multiple times.

This landed him in an under-qualified hospital in the middle of nowhere. The wreck caused his motor skills to stop working so he could not tell the hospital who he is or to transport him to Seattle Grace. Derek was running through the proper procedure in his head, but the doctors could not hear him since he was not capable of speaking.

Derek knew the doctors needed to order a head CT scan first, but instead they rushed him to surgery for minor injuries to the abdomen. Finally, the surgeons realized his brain had been bleeding the whole time and the on- call neurosurgeon was not answering. Meredith had to make the impossible choice to unplug Derek from all life support machines ultimately ending his life.

Many viewers asked “Now what?” One of the main character was dead, Meredith was left without a husband and her best friend plus the hospital staff lost a friend. At the end of season 11, Meredith packed up her children and left town. No one heard from her for months until she was finally forced to call a friend when she went into labor with Derek’s unborn child.
“Grey’s Anatomy” has other steamy dramatic story lines within the show. Meredith and Derek are the main characters, but the others all have unique stories to tell as well.

With season 12 is quickly approaching, the viewers are ready for answers. What emotional shape will Meredith be in? What will happen to Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins? Will Alex Karev and Jo Wilson get married? How is Jackson Avery and April Kepner’s marriage after losing their baby? So many questions are left to be answered.

As channel ABC suggests, it is time to get the red wine flowing and jaws ready for dropping because #TGIT will be back on air Thursday, September 24th at 7 p.m.

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