Livingston, Ala. — Once upon a time, there was a children’s novel that warned children of big bad wolves. “Little Red Riding Hood” is the tale of a young girl going to visit her grandmother deep in the woods. Upon arriving at her grandmother’s cottage, the girl realizes small changes about her grandmother’s appearance and is quickly confronted with the wolf. The story changes from telling to telling, so you’ll have to use your imagination for the rest.

 Through the vines of Hollywood, another depiction has been made. From the idea of Leonardo DiCaprio to Catherine Hardwicke, “Red Riding Hood” gets a dark, gothic, and fearful makeover as Sarah Blakeley-Cartwright takes from David Leslie Johnson’s screenplay to breathe new life into the characters of Daggarhorn. Inspiration has been pulled from many sources, such as a Russian book on architecture to create the town, a painting for the magic, and current runway fashions for character depictions.

 In the small, quiet town of Daggorhorn lies an evil curse. At every tolling of the bell, the town holds its breath. Three bells signals the passing of a villager, but with the fourth, the wolf has struck again.

 “Red Riding Hood” skips ahead to the adolescent ages of several town villagers, particularly sisters Valerie and Lucie and the townspeople surrounding them. A sacrifice has been offered to the wolf every month to keep its hunger at bay, but when the Harvest Moon comes, the wolf has a renewed appetite for blood.

 Valerie is thrown into a world of chaos. Keeping herself from the wolf, who is starting to hold strange ties with her, Valerie looks for comfort from her family and friends. Her mother wants to hear nothing of her adventures but happily plans a wedding that Valerie had no consent in. She finds no help with her father as he is labeled the town drunk. The friends she has grown up with her whole life are quick to condemn her as a witch ever since the wolf came back to slay villagers. Her only comfort is when an old friend comes back to town only to have the entire town of Daggarhorn gang up on him to say he is the wolf.

“Red Riding Hood” is packed full of exciting twists and turns that keep you turning the page for a happy ending in the town of Daggarhorn. Valerie tries to right wrongs and find herself along the way.

The book and screenplay have been turned into a major motion picture from the director of “Twilight.” The film adaptation stars Amanda Seyfreid and Max Irons.

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