Rockstar’s newest title, Grand Theft Auto V, made more money than any other game ever released on pre-orders alone. This much-anticipated game brings devoted series fans back to San Andreas, which has been revamped with ten years of graphic and artificial intelligence improvements. Although the game takes place in a familiar setting, one thing is evident from the moment the console is turned on: this game is more expansive, in depth, and realistic-looking than any previous Grand Theft Auto title.

The game steps away form the normal approach of Rockstar’s format by centering the gameplay around three separate characters instead of one. Each character has his own life, skills and stories and can be switched in between one another to achieve successful missions, which include heists, scouting operations for future missions and escapes from law enforcement.

Franklin, a mid-30’s man living with his aunt in the hood, wishes to step outside of his normal lifestyle of repossessing cars for a fraudulent salesperson when he steals back a car from Michael. Michael is a middle-aged, retired bank robber who entangles Franklin in his plan for the biggest heist Los Santos has ever seen. With Franklin as the skilled driver and Michael as the brains behind the scheme, all that is left to complete the triumvirate is Trevor, a sharpshooter and ex-Air Force pilot.

With the help of these three very different characters, the player is able to achieve in-depth missions that immerse him or her into the scenario. The choice can be made before every mission of whether the operation will go underway in a loud fashion with guns blazing, or in a smart and stealthy manner with much tactic and precision.

Rockstar was ambitious when they took up the task of creating a newer version of a beloved city that fans have become all too familiar with over the years. To be able to pull off this endeavor, the map has increased to enormous proportions by encompassing more square mileage than the worlds of Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto IV combined, with room to spare. Whether you are flying in a helicopter, cruising the streets on a motorcycle, or diving into the ocean with a submarine, there is plenty to explore and discover in the new world of Los Santos.

With this game’s vast locales, missions to be completed, and vehicles to be stolen, it still has the same feel as past Grand Theft Auto titles, but it brings a refreshing experience to players and keeps them coming back for more. The online play, officially commencing on Oct. 1, will allow friends or complete strangers to work cooperatively to complete tasks that would be seemingly impossible otherwise.

While this game is highly addicting and is being played by a larger audience than any game to ever be released, it is still rated “M” for mature and should not be played by people below the age of 18 due to intense graphic violence, profuse profanity and nudity. So please, parents, do not use this game as a babysitter for your child, because it is the most violent one you could possibly hire.

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