The UWA golf team still seems like the “new kids on the block,” but now after finishing out their second fall season of play, they are letting people know they are serious athletes. Last year the men’s team finished 94th out of the 220 Division II golf programs. Out of the 174 women’s programs, the UWA women’s team finished 74th.

With the addition of freshmen Hannah McCracken and Brannon O’Pry, the golf team is now up to a total of 14 athletes. “This year, we have eight men and six women on our squads. Five play at each event for UWA. Some can additionally play as individuals, but only our top five play for UWA. Being only our second year, most of the team are freshmen and sophomores with one redshirt junior on each team so we are still young,” says head coach Adam Buie.

With such a young team, the UWA golfers have still managed to leave their mark with the men finishing 7th out of 8 teams, 13th out of 13 teams, and 13th out of 17 teams, with one more tournament to go; and the women’s team finished 6th out of 7 teams, 6th out of 9 teams, 4th out of 13 teams, and 4th out of 7 teams in their last tournament this fall.

Buie is very optimistic about both the men’s and women’s team after the conclusion of play for this semester. “The women’s team has been very consistent and all six players have shot at least one round in the 70s.” And as for the men, “They just need to become more consistent and knock out our big numbers on holes to finish higher.”

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