Game Day Red Beans and Rice

In Alabama, Saturday is a big deal, it is Game Day! Along with the game comes food and snacks. I have recipes for several of the best game day foods, and I will share in the future, but this week I offer my favorite recipe of all time: Red Beans and Rice.

For this recipe and others, as a fellow college student with college pockets it would be wise to have your friends “pitch in” on this. In fact if you are the one doing all the shopping, prepping, and cooking you may be able to convince them to pay for everything. If you’re a smooth talker and negotiator that is.

You will need:
Croc Pot, 1 med-large soup pot, 1-lb dry red kidney beans, 1 can Blue Runner Creole Cream Style Red Beans, 1-lb bacon, 1-lb Conecuh Sausage, 1 large sweet-yellow onion, 1 large green bell pepper, 2 fresh jalapenos, salt, pepper, cayenne, garlic, and some Uncle Ben’s Instant Rice.

You actually cook these the night before, unless you are able to wake up early Saturday morning and start cooking. Let’s keep it real though, you probably won’t wake up early on a Saturday and start doing work.

1st step: Soak dry beans in water, in a large bowl for about 6 hours. This allows the beans to rehydrate while excreting hard-to-digest preservatives.

2nd step: At about 5 ½ hours of the beans soaking dice all of the produce and slice sausage and bacon. Sauté and brown sausage in the soup pot. Remove sausage and cook bacon.

3rd step: Remove bacon. You should be left with a mix of sausage and bacon grease.

4th step: Sauté vegetable medley in said grease, while gradually adding salt, pepper, cayenne, and garlic to taste.

5th step: Pour drained dry beans over sautéed vegetables, with canned beans add water, and bring to a boil. After about 30 minutes of boiling and stirring, transfer all ingredients to a your Croc-Pot.

6th step: Cook in Croc-Pot, on low for overnight. (there should be about 2 inches of liquid above the beans so the beans do not stick while you are sleeping) Add sausage an hour before serving.

Final step: Serve over rice and enjoy!

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