Want to be able to watch a movie and feel like a kid again? Get lost in the story of the first family and a mild adventure with the 2013 animated feature, “The Croods.”

“The Croods” is an animated movie that puts a different spin on cavemen and the simple early inventions by humans.

The film starts off in the earliest of B.C. times with the first instinct of any first human experienced: survival. The Croods are a family of cavemen trying to survive the trials of life. The family includes father Grug, mother Ugga, grandmother Gran, son Thunk and daughters Eep and Sandy. Many voices in this film stand out, as they belong to A-List actors. Emma Stone is the voice of Eep, while Ryan Reynolds is the voice of Guy. Nicolas Cage is the voice of Grug and Catherine Keener is the voice of Ugga. The cast brings to life all of the different personalities of the cavemen and makes the viewer love them.

The plot of ”The Croods” follows the family’s journey after their cave is destroyed. They never venture off or try anything new and just want to survive until the next day.

After the destruction of the cave they set off to a new and distant land where their lives are forever changed. They go through new experiences like walking on shoes, sliding down mountains, learning to make animals pets and even how to make fire.

The film is a great piece of comedy and of life lessons. It makes you want to be with your family. The main moral of the story is to try new things, go out and experience something you never would have tried before even if you are scared.

“The Croods” is a great film for any little brother, sister or cousin and will keep them on the edge of their seat the entire movie. It also shows children that the thought of their parents being “stupid” is not true at all. The movie shows the real reason parents do things is to protect us and to make sure we are safe even from ourselves. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves animated movies and wants a good laugh. “The Croods” makes even adults and young college students think about what really happened in the earliest of days.

“It is a very unique and GREAT movie,” Princess Hall a junior majoring in elementary education said. “Because it showed a families love for each other.”

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