The new UWA Events has been released. The app was designed as a “’one stop shop’ for student, faculty/staff and other members of the UWA community”, as explained by Jason Gardner, Director of Student Activities. “Every area of Student Activities are covered in this app”. The app was created with the goal in mind that students no longer uses the excuse “I didn’t know about the event” since the events are at the user’s fingertips.

The UWA Events app, as seen on the iPhone’s interface, opens up to nine red tiles, with a swipe to the left revealing one lone tile. The icons included are Fitness, Intramural, Facilities, Hours, CAB Events, Athletics, Fitness Memberships, University Cinema, Settings, and Notifications. The Fitness icon yields the Group Exercise Schedule and Group Exercise Classes, the Intramural icon IMLeagues and Intramural info, the Facilities icon Fitness Center, Rec Center, and Intramural Complex. The Hours icon expands into Rec Center and Fitness Center, the Athletics icon into Athletics Website and Home Athletic Events, and the Fitness Membership Icon into Membership Rates and Fitness Center Info. The icons for CAB Events, University Cinema, Settings, and Notifications each open into a new window.

The Group Exercise Schedule lists the exercise schedule for the next two weeks and the Group Exercise Classes gives a brief explanation of each class offered. IMLeagues is currently empty, while Intramural Info gives a brief explanation of the program. Fitness Center, Rec Center, and Intramural Complex also offer explanatory blurbs for each area. Under the Hours icon are two separate icons for Fitness Center and Rec Center, this time only giving the operating hours.

CAB Events lists the scheduled events for the next week, just as Home Athletic Events lists the home games scheduled for the next two weeks. The Athletics Website leads the mobile website for UWA’s athletics. Membership Rates displays the prices for various memberships at the fitness center. Fitness Membership Info offers the basic information for the fitness center, such as the address, phone number, and website. The University Cinema icon gives the week’s schedule. The Setting icon allows the user to turn on or off the notifications you receive from the app, as well as promote or give feedback. The Notification icon gives the same information as text notifications offer to those signed up for the service.

The app was created with collaboration by Reach Digital Solutions, and the UWA community can expect more to come from it.

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