On Thursday, September 22, the Residence Hall Association at the University of West Alabama tested their residences to see how well they knew their roommate. “So You Think You Know Your Roommate,” hosted by RHA was held in Wallace Auditorium with ten groups participating in the event.

The RHA president, Kayla Holcombe said, “We had a lot of participants. We let a few groups show up and sign up at the door, but we did not expect so many people to come and participant.”

The ten groups would all compete against each other in three rounds. At the end of the three rounds, the RHA judges saw who earned the most points to go on to the championship round. The winner with the most points moves on the championship round and gain a chance to win a $20 dollar gift card for Sonic drive-in restaurant.

Amber Reed and Bianca Weatherspoon, juniors, won the championship round.

Reed and Weatherspoon said, “We had a minor setback for a major comeback. We are going to go celebrate and go show this off to our other roommates.”

The first round tested the roommates’ ability to work together. One roommate throws marshmallows in the other roommate’s mouth for 45 seconds. One RHA judge per group would watch the contestant to see how many marshmallows the roommate would catch and record the point.

The second round tested the roommates’ memory of each other. Roommate A would go outside the auditorium, while roommate B stays inside to answer questions about the roommate that have left the room. Each roommate would be given five questions. When both roommates are done with their questions, Roommate A would return the room to see how many answers roommate B got right.

The finally round would also question the memory of roommates. The roommates would sit back to back in chairs and the host will ask questions about Roommate A or B while both roommates would write the answer down on a board. The RHA judges would make sure their answers match each other and there was no cheating as well. One of the questions would be a bonus question that would be worth more points than the rest.

Vice President of RHA programs, Vanessa Gulley said, “I felt like it was a rocky start, but once we got the flow of the event it turned into a real fun event. I wanted to think of ways for the players to be active instead of just sitting down in chairs. I wanted to also find ways so they wouldn’t be able to cheat.”

The championship round was the same as the third round but instead of five questions, it is ten questions.

RHA will be having an upcoming event in October which will be a Fashion Show. All the details have not been flush out, but it will be in Bibb Graves Auditorium. More details will be given out about the fashion show in October.

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