Water makes up 70% percent of the Earth’s surface, and the ocean and seas play an important role in our everyday lives. For example, majestic bodies of water moderate our climate. However, water also plays its part in the water cycle, carbon cycle, and nitrogen.

The ocean is a vast, fascinating, and unbelievable experience waiting to be explored.

Think about what you could discover with the right tools and the right team. You could discover the world’s most mysterious destination and the millions of organisms that inhabit its mind-blowing mystery.

Registration is now open for summer courses at The Dauphin Island Sea Lab. There are undergraduate and graduate classes available with four opportunities to enroll.

The two-week May term is held May 12-May 23, and the four-week sessions are held July 21-Aug. 15. However, the classes are divided into three sessions, with 28 classes spanning a broad range of marine science topics including marine mammals, sharks, and turtles. Introductory marine biology, ecology and oceanography are also available.

Students may register for six semester hours each session. Contact Dr. John McCall (jmccall@uwa.edu), Department of Biology, right away to register for these exciting courses and enjoy both hands-on and in-water experiences.

Registration will remain open until each session begins, but to insure that you receive your first choice of classes, you should register soon. For much more information on DISL and its summer classes, visit www.disl.org and click on “Summer College Programs.”


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