Every girl continuously asks what is the perfect eye shadow to wear on an everyday basis and can be worn with every outfit. Well, here implies a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve that look using Mac Cosmetics.

The first step is to prime the eye with Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot, in the shade bare study. This will enrich the pigment and help the eye shadow stay on all day.

After eyes have been primed, use the eye shadow soft brown, a great transition color. This should be placed on the crease and the lid using a 224-Tapered Blending brush, an excellent brush for buffing out harsh lines. The brush needs to be treated in a windshield wiper motion.

Furthermore, the color naked lunch, a shiny champagne tone should be located on the lid using a 242-Shader Brush. The 242 slim brush moves nicely to reach precise areas.

Next, Brown Script must be put on the entire crease. This color comes off as an orange tint, but after placed on the crease, seems brown. The 217-Blending Brush is superior for this step, which is also an incredible brush for touching those specific parts of the crease.

Embark, a dark brown, purplish color, is the next eye shadow. Embark ought to be placed on the outer crease; it also corresponds exceedingly well over winged eyeliner. The 217-Blending Brush is for this step as well.

The brow bone should be topped off with Shroom, a highly intense white highlighting color. Bring back the 242-Shader Brush for the final step.

In addition, following each step the 224-Tapered Blending Brush should be applied to blend all the colors amongst the shifts of new eye shadows combined, so there are no harsh lines.

After all eye shadows are done, its time for eyeliner. Technakohl Liner in shade superfly is the ideal pencil style to obtain and should be set on the bottom inner waterline and lightly on the bottom of the lid.

In conclusion, top off this look using Sized to go Zoom Lash Mascara, it will enhance the eyelashes and cause them to appear super long.

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