If you want to know more about sports or history, or you just want to give yourself a little challenge for your knowledge, download Trivia Crack, the number one trivia game on the App Store. People all over the United States and even the world play this exciting, addicting game against their friends while learning a thing or two along the way.

Trivia Crack originated in Argentina and started out as a Latin American trivia game but then made its way to the United States just a few months ago back in October. It was the number one overall app in twenty-two countries before even becoming popular in the United States.

Trivia Crack can be played against your own friends if you connect through Facebook. Players are able to share their wins, their losses and their progress throughout each game.

To start the game, a player must choose an opponent to play against, a friend through Facebook or a random opponent.

That player must then spin the wheel to get a question in one of six random categories that include Art, Entertainment, Sports, History, Science and Geography.

That player must correctly answer three questions in a row to earn a category character.

If a player lands on the crown, a bonus character, he can challenge to win a character from one of the categories without having to answer three questions in a row.

Once a player has collected all of his characters, he wins the game and can either challenge his opponent to another match or play a new game against a new challenger.

You can walk around and see students playing Trivia Crack all over campus. “I never knew you could learn so much from a simple trivia game!”said one student caught playing during class. “It’s also a great game to play while taking a break from studying.”

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