“I like Dr. Holland. He’s always been very supportive of anything that I was trying to do, but you know I do wish he had more student involvement.”
Tierra Robinson, junior

“I’ve attended UWA for four years. I’ve never had direct contact or relation with President Holland and I am not aware of the current situation regarding his stay or resignation as the President of West Alabama.”
Joshua Griffin, senior

“Well, I’m not really aware but I feel that the president leaving can possibly be a good and bad thing good since a new president can equal new possibilities and change. In my opinion, change is always good, but with that being said, the change can also be negative—so it’s really a coin flip here.”
Semaj King, freshman

“As a second semester freshman, I have not had the opportunity to meet or work with Dr. Holland in any extensive way. But during my time here, I have witnessed the loyalty of UWA’s staff, students, and alumni to our university’s president, and I respect the work Dr. Holland has done during his lengthy tenure here. However, I also believe that the board of trustees will make the appropriate choice.”
Hunter Winborne, freshman

“I’ve only been her for two semesters and have only heard of the president. I think new leadership would benefit the university’s campus and students. Being involved on campus and with the students should be a priority of the President’s and I’ve rarely heard of the President being involved in anything on campus.”
Sonya McNair, junior

“I support Dr. Holland.”
Torry Phillips, junior (photo 9344)

“Dr. Holland has maintained a great institution here. Others feel the same way. Why would you push someone out if his philosophy is working?”
Michael Thomas-Stewart, junior

“I think it is about time for Dr. Holland to go. He is too old fashioned for this school. We need a more progressive and open-minded president to run our university and move it into the future.”

Alesha McNeese, senior

“Dr. Holland is always a nice person when seeing him in passing. When I wait on him at Diamond Jim’s, he is always genuine and interested in my progress in school. I also know that he personally helped a student pay for a test and find a scholarship to help them get into ophthalmology school. The test and practice was almost $1200. I am not sure what he does on campus with his procedures, but with being around him, this is the type of person I have observed.”
Ashley Yonker, senior

“The Greek system gets pushed to the side under Dr. Holland.”
M’Lynn Medley, sophomore

“Dr. Holland is a great leader and mentor to the students of the University of West Alabama. No, I am not aware of the situation, so I still think of him in a positive way. He has changed this school for the entire community. He will be truly missed if he were to resign.”
Josh Graham, sophomore

“Over the course of the four years I have attended UWA, I have gotten to know Dr. Holland very well. The thought of him leaving is heartbreaking and upsetting. He’s encouraged me to stay active on campus. I’ve saw a great change in my university since first arriving here; and Dr. Holland is to thank for a lot of that. He’s an amazing person and regardless to the outcome I am honored to have met him and served as Homecoming Queen during his time here.”
Chelsea Tucker, senior

“I don’t think he’s done anything, to my knowledge, to deserve to be kicked out of his position, but change is not necessarily a bad thing.”
Alex Nelson, junior

“Dr. Holland was my dad’s advisor while he attended school at Livingston University. He speaks highly of Dr. Holland and I know how much he has helped this University grow since his time as being president. However, it seems to me that the student population might be changing and growing faster than the administration.”
Cody Baker, senior







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