Cold War Kids have brought another hit album to the music industry that was released in Oct. known as “Hold My Home.”

Cold War Kids originated in Long Beach, California, in 2004 and have released five hit studio albums. Indie rock and blues rock with a little mix of blue-eyed soul have music lovers fantasizing about the genius music styling of the Cold War Kids.

Five members make up the band known as Nathan Willet, Dann Gallucci, Matt Maust, Joe Plummer and Matthew Schwartz. Cold War Kids started in downtown Fullerton where they met in an apartment complex. Matt Maust contributed the name “Cold War Kids” when he traveled to Europe and visited a park that was abandoned after the communism fell.

The album, “Hold My Home” has mixed reviews from different music critics about its production and songwriting.Hold My Home” scored an average rating from Metacritic and the album scored a 55 out of 100, based on 7 reviews. AllMusic’s work industry called the album the band’s best work since their first album, “Robbers & Cowards.”

Cold War Kids released two hit singles on the album that was praised by music lovers and critics. “First” was released in February with the following single “All This Could Be Yours,” that released in July.

To promote “Hold My Home”, the band decided to tour across North America. Cold War Kids began the album tour in Denver, Colorado, and are finishing in Boston Massachusetts, at the House of Blues.

The album has 11 hit songs known as: “All This Could Be Yours,” “First,” “Hot Coals,” “Drive Desperate,” “Hotel Anywhere,” “Go quietly,” “Nights & Weekends,” “Hold my Home,” “Flower Drum Song,” “Harold Bloom,” and “Hear My Baby Call.”

“Hold My Home” is in stores across the country now on CD, vinyl or can be digitally downloaded.

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