It’s that time again. With Christmas just around the corner and the Thanksgiving season almost over, its time again for everyone to start their Christmas shopping. Stores everywhere are soon to start throwing items on clearance and offering holiday deals on everything from toys, to clothes, to games, to computers. This list was made to give you some ideas on what to shop for this holiday season.

The iPad Air is receiving a lot of attention lately due to it being lighter, having a stronger processor, and a ten hour battery life. The iPad Air has a powerful 64-bit processing chip which will allow a person to do many things with it.

The next generation of gaming consoles are out on the market now. The Xbox One, made by Microsoft, and the Playstation 4, made by Sony, are laying down the gauntlet for future gaming. Both consoles have extremely ramped up graphics engines and most of the games that I’ve seen demonstrated on them have looked much better than they ever have before. With that being said, the PS4 seems to have the edge in hardware with a faster graphics processor, more RAM, and a slightly stronger processor. The PS4 is also $399 while the Xbox One starts at $499, making the PS4 cheaper as well.

As we all know, the latest generation of iPhone is out on the market, the iPhone 5, and everyone has to have one. This phone has a stronger processor, better camera, and all-around better hardware than the iPhone 4. The iPhone 5 starts with a $199 price tag but it is expected to drop down sooner rather than later.

There are many laptops and computers going on sale this holiday season, and there will be some great deals going on. However, one must be careful of what they buy. Major retail stores such as BestBuy will be trying their hardest to sell a piece of technology that isn’t worth the price tag. I advise people to carefully research their intended product before going into the store to purchase it. I also recommend that parents of children and teens help their child do their research as well.

Here I will provide a sub-list of headphones that I believe are worth the money that you will spend on them.

Best Budget Headphones: JVC Flats start out at $19 but are almost guaranteed to go on sale during the holidays season so expect to see them drop below $14. They are comfortable and affordable headphones that have surprisingly good audio. However, they don’t look like the best in the world.

Who hasn’t wanted to look like a DJ at some point in their lives? The V-Moda Crossfade M-100 DJ style headsets is an incredibly durable pair of headsets with great sound quality and amazing noise cancellation. However, it comes with a $275-$299 price tag could deter some buyers from purchasing it.

The MEElectronics A151 earbuds are comfortable, have great sound quality, and start out at an affordable $44.95 price tag. However, they do not have great bass support or a microphone for making phone calls.

These lists cannot contain all of the things that I believe one should look for while out shopping. However, it does contain a small amount of what I believe would be great gifts for anyone on your list.

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