Among the many new faces you’ll spot on your walk to class is new head cheerleading coach, Ellen Reid. She pursued her dream of becoming a collegiate cheerleading coach when she made the big move from Texas to Alabama.

Photo courtesy of Kylee Koch

I spoke with Reid about what this new team is bringing to the table and what makes them so different.

“When I walked in on the day I met them, I realized that this is where was supposed to be and this is where every girl was supposed to be,” Reid said. “The fact that they’ve lost two teammates and have had to pick up and move on each year is something that a lot of teams couldn’t do. These girls just don’t know how strong they are.”

For the first time in school history, the UWA cheerleaders will be traveling to Daytona Beach, Fla., in hopes of coming back as NCA national champions.

“For this program, this is the competition we need to go to,” Reid said. “It’s the competition that’s really going to put us on the map.”

With the new season just now kicking off, these girls are ready for a new year full of new possibilities, so be on the lookout for this team all over campus cheering on the Tigers.

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