Set in the 1920s, The Diviners is the first in what I believe will be an outstanding series. This paranormal/mystery/historical novel is just what I expected from the author of the praised A Great and Terrible Beauty series. Filled with wit and suspense, The Diviners is a page-turner from the start.

The book’s protagonist, Evie O’Neill, is a seventeen-year-old self-professed Diviner. That is, she has a supernatural ability. Evie is able to learn anybody’s darkest secrets simply by holding something important to them. It is this ability that causes her to be exiled to New York City so as not to cause anymore shame to her parents.

Once there, gruesome murders begin occurring all over the city, and Evie’s uncle Will is called into action. Despite her uncle’s protests, Evie tags along. She then learns that her secret talent is more than just a party trick, but the means to solve the murders putting New York City into a panic.

Along with her friends and uncle, Evie begins solving the murders. With a romantic subplot, a cliffhanger after every chapter and fascinating characters, The Diviners is a great read for almost anybody.

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