Livingston residents participated in an educational workshop and beautification project at UWA’s Campbell House. Hosted and presented by The Black Belt Garden, garden supervisor Cory Sly instructed and displayed reasons and methods for proper maintenance for the many different species of plant life that can grow there.

With slideshow images, then hands-on demonstrations, Sly explained the importance of pruning to maximize fruit-bearing potential, as well as over all plant well being. “You want to prune for maximum circulation of air, water, and sun-light. Give each branch or limb “room-to-breath.” Explained Sly.

In 2010, the community orchard maintains a collection of Asian persimmon trees, apple trees, pomegranate, paw paw’s, fig, and jujube’s as well as multiple species of pear.

Sly is hopeful that the next department budget meeting will provide room for expansion. He has done extensive field-tests to gauge the types of flora can survive here.

Many, it would seem. In the near future, Sly hopes to add some Raji Puri Banana trees, guava trees, olive trees, with two types of peach trees, and two types of grape trees.

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