The UWA Tigers hosted William Carey University on Feb. 5 as they longed to continue a great season. WCU, only the second team to come to Tartt Field this season, arrived hoping to win, but the Tigers would not let them go home without a fight.

The Tigers previously defeated Columbus State in a best of 3 series 2-1. WCU also entered this game with a 2-1 record and were determined to improve it.

The Tigers trailed behind early on in the ball game after William Carey was able to score 2 runs on the first at bat closing out the first inning. The Tigers first turn at bat proved to be disappointing as each player was sent to the dugout in the order they came to the plate leaving the score at 0-2.

At the top of the second inning, William Carey came up to bat and was moving their players across the bases quite well. UWA Pitcher, Michael Morley, was able to deliver a whopping fast ball to get the Tigers out of the inning, leaving William Carey with two men on base in the process.

In the bottom of the third inning the Tigers began to roar and defend their home field. The batters came to the plate and each received hits to get on base. Parker Madden approached the plate with two men on base, sent a bunt back to the mound, and was able to move the runners around the bases and bring one Tiger in to give UWA their first run of the game.


Up next to bat was Joel Murphy, who received a walk and got on base, loading the bases for the Tigers of West Alabama. Jacobby Robinson was then able to score a base hit and move the runners around, tying up the score for the Tigers. This provided the Tigers with the momentum they needed to put on an excellent performance for the home crowd.

Mitch Holgate hit a fly ball over the outfielders’ heads, bringing in two scores and rallying the Tigers to a 4-2 lead. Tanner Rainey also came up to bat and hit a line drive to the outfield sending two more Tigers across home plate to improve the lead to 6-2. William Carey finally was able to get the Tigers out of this game changing inning, but the Tigers refused to turn back.

The Tigers would go on and finish out the game defeating William Carey University at Tartt Field by a score of 12-6. This win improved the UWA Tigers record to 3-1. The Tigers have not been defeated since their opening game, a double header with Columbus State back in the opening weekend of the season. There are great expectations for the Tigers as they continue throughout the 2014 baseball season.

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