The Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority donated their time last week to raise awareness for various causes. Members gathered in various places across Livingston to do this.

DOT Days is a national week for the sorority. It stands for “donating our time”. On Friday, they hosted a canned food drive. The food drive was set up at the Livingston Marketplace. There they had a table set up to receive cans and monetary donations.

Montana Power, ASA’s service and giving chair, said she decided to do this because she knows that she can give back by simply donating her time to ask for food. This charity is also personal to Power.

“I myself have had to receive food from food pantries,” she said. “So it’s really deep in my heart to make sure people have enough food for their children, because not everyone is lucky enough to have enough food.

“People work hard and it doesn’t always mean that they have money left to get food. Because people have to pay bills so they can take a shower, have power and have somewhere to live. For some people, food is the last thing that can be bought.”

Power said in this county, and in a lot of counties, the only meal that children have is the one they have in school. So it is important for them to have something. At least have a can of beanie weenies or ramen noodles, at least something at home when they do not have anything.

“So, even if you have spare change, it could make a difference. Sometimes, just one dollar can buy two cans of food. That is a big deal when you have no food.”

Melanie Campbell, one of the sorority’s Pearls, thought it was great that they could do DOT Days. She said the food drive was a great way to connect with and help out their peers and community.

“It’s a great way to raise awareness for different aspects of our society,” she said, “like breast cancer and those with special needs.”

The sorority had about 40 to 50 people stop by and give canned goods in bulk. They collected around 150 cans and had a few people give them donations. All of the donated cans and money were sent to the Sumter County Department of Human Resources.

On Monday, they spread the word to end the word. This day was spent spreading the word and taking a pledge to end the use of the “r” word, retarded. Tuesday was “Trash Your Insecurities” to help build self esteem with college students on campus. Thursday they set up a breast cancer awareness table.

The ladies of Alpha Sigma Alpha will most likely have one or two more philanthropic events this semester. They may host another canned food drive either before Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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