Armond Boudreaux read from his new novel “That He May Raise,” Wednesday on campus at the Calloway House.

Boudreaux graduated from UWA with a major in English and got his Ph.D. at the University of Southern Mississippi’s Center for Writers. He is now a professor of English in Georgia, where he lives with his wife Leah, and four children.

“That He May Raise,” received the runner-up of the Tartt Field Fiction Award. The novel is a collection of linked stories that explore the ways guilt radiates through time and space and ask if the results can be redemptive. The stories reveal a husband who forces his wife into an impossible choice, a son unforgiving of his father’s sins, and a woman betrays her best friend by making her lover pay.

Boudreaux answered questions of aspiring writers after the reading at the Calloway House.

The book contains three different stories and he wrote two of the stories in the third person and one specific story in the first person.

“It felt natural to write that in first person,” Boudreaux said. He then told a story about his past and how he used to be a reporter like the boy he read about in his story. He also elaborated on how similar he is to that character and writing that specific story in the first person only seemed right.

The book is considered to be a Novella and was focused back in time around 1974. The novel is about the same group of characters in every story. Each story is just set in a different place in time.

“You meet people when you’re young and again in ten years and realize they are a completely different person,” Boudreaux said.

He began to explain that was the intended effect and inspiration on why he wrote “That He May Raise.”

The reading took 30 minutes and Boudreaux signed books for those who were interested. He also gave one-on-one advice to the future aspiring writers.

“The story was very entertaining, and it captured my attention,” said Joi Stewart a student at UWA.

The reading from “That He May Raise,” was sponsored by the Language and Literature department at UWA.

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