Remember the sweet, innocent little boy that had preteen girls crazed everywhere?…Yeah neither can I.

Always the hot topic in today’s tabloids, Justin Bieber has crossed the infamous line of no return and can now be googled with results of a nice, fresh mugshot!

Recently arrested on DUI and drag racing, the young pop singer, 19, almost has a list of offenses as long as his #1 hits.

The arrest took place on a Thursday morning where Bieber rented a yellow Lamborghini. While resisting arrest and under the influence of drugs and alcohol, Bieber was breathalyzed and taken to the Miami Dade County Corrections Department.

A quick recap of Bieber’s long list of indiscretions include: attacking paparazzi while exiting his hotel in London, spiting on local Ohio nightclub DJ, racing at reckless speeds in his gated community, allegedly egging a neighbor’s home with damages equaling up to $20,000, smoking marijuana (illegally), and a full video recording of him urinating in a mop bucket while exiting the kitchen of a New York nightclub.

Many would say the teenage terror has lost his wits and his singing career to be the least of his concerns. One thing for sure, whatever path he continues to maneuver, his personal or career life will always keep up entertained and eager for more.

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