“Woodlawn” was directed by the Erwin brothers, Andrew and Jon, whose movies are based on faith and Christianity. The Erwin brothers are from Birmingham, Alabama and their movies are usually filmed around the Birmingham area. One well-known movie the Erwin brothers directed was “October Baby,” another Christian focused movie filmed in Alabama. “Woodlawn” was helped out by Samford University in Birmingham and many scenes were filmed on the Samford University and many extras in the movie were Samford University students. “Woodlawn” was a low-budget film with little known actors, but made a big impact on the screen.

“Woodlawn” is based on a true story about a highschool football player Tony Nathan and his trials and tribulations in the football team and faith. Nathan, a junior in 1973 Birmingham, Alabama becomes impacted by the segregation in the south. He is African American and his school has segregated with Woodlawn Highschool. Locked behind bars inside the school separating blacks from whites, the only time the blacks and whites would unite was during football practice.

Even then, during football practice, the blacks and whites didn’t get along. The blacks weren’t allowed by white football players to shower in the locker room at the same time as whites, and they would have to wait until the white football players were done showering. But a team can’t be a team with segregation and separation. Coach Tandy Gerelds tries to make the team bond and desegregate, but has trouble until Hank, a Christian speaker, asks to talk to the team.

With no hope left of getting the team to bond, Coach Gerelds allows Hank to speak to the team despite his faith in Hank. Suprisingly, Hank converts the whole entire team to Christianity and they bond under the same faith. Now the team had something in common with each other, something to fight for and something to win for.

Not only did Hank convert Coach Gerelds’ team, but he also converts their rilvary team Banks. When Woodlawn and Banks come together to play at Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama, they had to turn down over 20,000 people that wanted to watch the football game—and not just because of the game, but because of who the players were playing for.

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