The University of West Alabama has had an array of logos from tiger paws to columns, but a new marketing strategy has brought a new look to the university’s brand.

The university refreshed their institutional logo as well as the athletics logo and launched the marketing looks in September.

Chairman of the committee, Tom Stipe, says their job was to look at what was wrong and fix it and the biggest issue with the old marketing scheme was the brand itself.

“If you think about an army if everyone is flying a different flag the message is just not clear,” Tom Stipe said. “What we want is clarity, we everyone to know that the University of West Alabama is the place where all of these great things are happening and that message needs to be clear one logo, one set of colors, one voice makes those things as clears as it can be.”

University president Ken Tucker formed a committee of marketing professionals late spring, led by Tom Stipe, to bring cohesiveness back to the marketing efforts of UWA.

“They looked at all of graphics and standard policies, and updated that and brought it all together to make this unified mark for our marketing efforts,” Tucker said. “It’s created a lot of positive buzz around campus and we are just so happy with how well received it has been both internally and externally.”

Everyone did not accept the logo initially, but the logo has created buzz all over campus.

“It starting to grow on me, I like it now more than I did before,” said freshman Hannah Davis.

“I think that the Tiger looks like a transformer,” said senior Magdalena Galvan.

“Why is the W hiding, isn’t west the more important part of our school,” said junior Ki-juana Evans.

“I love it, it’s so modern and fits well with other schools logo,” said sophomore Lacey Harmon.

President Tucker says it was well past time to change the logo to bring something new and create excitement for the university.

The process was not an easy one and the committee on had a the summer to make final decisions.

“We looked at a lot of different logos,” Stipe said. “We looked at other schools logos, we looked at corporate logos, and we had artist sending stuff back and forth. That was one of the strengths of this committee we had a lot different viewpoints, but we all were able to come together and make this decision.”

“It’s an evolutionary process because there are old logos everywhere, but in time it will all be fresh and new and clean and you’ll see the new logo everywhere,” Stipe said.

The design work for the logos were approximately ten thousand dollars.

A lot of members of the UWA family have questioned how to use the new logos correctly.

“Our part of our job as a committee is to help guide the entire campus, it’s a lot of detail that goes into rebranding,” Stipe said.

The new marketing efforts also included a new slogan, “Do Something That Matters.”

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