Valentine’s Day only comes once a year and when it does, people will sometimes go to the extreme to make it special. Some people will either spend a ton of money or none at all.

It is a special day for those people who are in relationships. While some may not see what the point is, others will sometimes become angry if they are not acknowledged by their significant other on Valentine’s Day, or even a day or two before and after.

However, many female students have mixed feelings about the holiday.

Destiny Langford, a Freshman who is currently in a relationship, stated that “I mean, it’s fun because I get presents, but I still don’t see why it is celebrated.”

These thoughts were followed by Ashia Winston, also a Freshman but who is currently single, stating “It’s nice when you’re in a relationship spreading the extra love but when you’re single it’s just another day.”

While many people may not like the holiday, it can still be fun for others. In my opinion, simply being acknowledged by my significant other is enough on Valentine’s Day, but a rose never hurt anything either.

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