The time of the year is coming where eating healthy and exercising regularly becomes the most difficult. Thanksgiving is the time when families join together to eat and be thankful for the life that they are given. During this time, it easy to overeat and forget that you should be exercising every day. The dinner table during Thanksgiving is full of all kinds of food; turkey, stuffing, vegetables and desserts will be everywhere. It’ll be hard to resist such a tempting assortment of delectable treats, so here are a few tips to help maintain control:

1. Eat before Thanksgiving dinner

Many people hold out on breakfast and lunch on Thanksgiving day in order to eat as much as they can for dinner, but this practice is not healthy. Not only is it unhealthy to skip meals, it will also force you to overeat when you do have a chance to sit down for dinner. Don’t skip out on breakfast and lunch before the big feast.

2. Avoid snacking before Thanksgiving dinner

A lot of people cook the night before Thanksgiving and then proceed to snack on their meal up until its officially time to sit down at the dinner table the following day. That is an easy way to overeat and not even notice it. Snacking on your food will make you want more and you will eventually eat more. Cover the food and don’t return to it until time to eat Thanksgiving lunch or dinner.

3. Eat healthy portions

Stick to a promise to only eat one plate on Thanksgiving day. When you fix your plate make it with equal portions of bread, meat, and vegetables. I am sure you have heard before to make your plate as colorful as possible. It will be healthier that way. If you set parameters around your meal for Thanksgiving, it will stop you from overeating. When it comes to desserts attempt to get fruit, pumpkin, or sweet potato based desserts, because they are much healthier.

4. Drink water and do some form of exercise

You may feel hungry, but you may really just be thirsty. Before you eat, drink a glass of water and it will make you eat less. Also instead of laying down or sitting on the couch after you eat, exercise. During Thanksgiving, the entire family will be together and that means younger cousins and siblings will be around. As an excuse to play the new Just Dance 2014 as a college student, just pretend you want to have fun with the kids. Dancing will give you the exercise you will need to keep your metabolism at a good rate during this time of the year.

I hope these tips for not overeating on Thanksgiving are helpful, because it is something all Americans will struggle with this holiday. All you have to do is eat small portions, don’t skip any meals on the big day, avoid snacking on your dinner before time to eat, drink water and remember to exercise.  I hope everyone enjoys Thanksgiving, and if you follow these tips you will feel better the day after knowing you did not overeat.

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